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First Floor - Suite 5 Wheeler House - 123 Mann St Gosford 2250


Over time our jewellery can become broken, worn thin or just needing a cleaning. It happens to everyone’s jewellery. More often than not, you will place that jewellery in the back of the jewellery box never to be seen again.

Why not start a “melting pot”? Collect your broken pieces or pieces you don’t wear any longer bring them in and we can talk through how you can re-use these pieces. The memory our jewellery holds is immeasurable. So, don’t hide because you are uncertain on what to do or how much it will cost – do something about.

Bring everything in. You will be able to sit in the workshop where Christian and Melinda will go through each piece of jewellery to determine how it can be repaired, is it worth repairing, can it be repaired and how much to repair it. You will never know unless you bring it in.

“We only offer the best because our customers only deserve the best!”