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First Floor - Suite 5 Wheeler House - 123 Mann St Gosford 2250

Custom Design/Remodelling

No matter where you purchase your jewellery, through wear and tear all jewellery all our jewellery can reach a point where either it can no longer be worn in its current state or it just needs an update. Don’t put those pieces in the back of your jewellery box. Bring it in and let us work with you on what we can do.

If you are looking to purchase a brand-new piece, or if you are looking at getting an old piece repaired, maybe just a resize, maybe just a polish and clean. Our first step is to review what you are after. You will join both Christian and Melinda in the workshop and together we will review and work out what is best for each piece.

Don’t worry if you have no ideas – that is our job! Our experience will help you on what is best for you to ensure you are able to wear this piece every day and create a piece you cannot show off enough. Remodelling old jewellery is a wonderful way to save a little money, be a little earth conscious but most importantly keeping what you love with you but in a new form.

“We only offer the best because our customers only deserve the best!”